Warming Huts 2018 Competition Entry
Produced with artist Becky Brown.

This installation consists of 54 ice columns, organized in three crescent shapes with multiple paths, entry points and interior spaces (where one’s body is surrounded by columns on all sides). Columns are constructed using cardboard tube forms, in various heights and diameters, ranging from very tall and skinny to short and thick. Short, thick columns double as stools for passers-by to rest or relace an ice skate.

Inspired by the rich layers of archaeological findings near the site, each ice column is filled with discard material collected in the city of Winnipeg, sorted by form and/or function.  Categories include: e-waste, yard clippings, shredded paper, clothing, tires, scrap metal, glass, plastics, etc.  The columns are a kind of “core sample,” displaying the artifacts of the present, briefly frozen in both space and time, before they continue on their journey through often-invisible waste management channels.

The remaining space in each form is filled with water and set to freeze.  The cardboard is stripped away to reveal ice columns embedded with debris.  As users move between columns, they will encounter traces of their own lives: cell phones, broken toys, shoes, leaves, car parts, etc. This archeology of the present speaks to the accretion of material artifacts deposited at The Forks by so many previous generations, making connections across time.

November 2017